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Is CrossFit for me?

The founder and CEO of CrossFit Greg Glassman has been quoted for saying "Our understanding is that the needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind. One needs functional competence to stay out of the nursing home. The other one wants functional dominance to win medals." Like Greg, our answer is 'yes'. If you have been cleared to exercise by your GP, then CrossFit is for you. Our methods are infinitely scalable, and can be adapted to suit your needs whether you are a professional athlete or an absolute beginner.


I haven’t trained for 6 months, 2 years, 10 years, ever.. Will it be too hard?

When you first join us at Ore you will do foundation classes, you will stay in these beginner classes until you are ready to move into the regular sessions. You will work at your own pace, everyone is different! There are no expectations from anyone. Ore CrossFit is ego free, and we make no judgments. We recognise that often the last person to finish, is the person who has worked the hardest! This is why we support and applaud everyone regardless of ability.


I already do another sport, will CrossFit help me?

In our experience CrossFit has been a valuable addition to any training regime. CrossFit is used by local football and rugby players to supplement their training, especially in between seasons. Runners and triathletes etc. have found that they have increased their speed and endurance, as CrossFit engages new muscle groups, and increases overall strength and metabolic conditioning. We have also organised training sessions for local sports teams, such as boxing events.


Is there a contract?

No. You can either pay month by month, or per session. There is no obligation to join, or to stay if you do decide CrossFit isn't for you.


Can I just visit from another box?

Absolutely! We love having visitors. If you are an experienced CrossFitter you can book in via Team Up for any of our sessions and come along.


I've done CrossFit before, I've had a break and wish to begin again, do I need to do foundations?

We will usually recommend at least one foundation session if you are returning after a break, or injury. In this instance, every situation is a little different, so we would encourage you to get in touch via our facebook page, or drop in for a chat. This will give us an opportunity to ensure we find the best solution for you


Do I need special equipment?

When you first come along to a foundations everything you need will be provided. Most members begin to think about purchasing lifting shoes, or cross-training shoes after a few weeks, but it isn't compulsory!


Can you help with my diet?

Yes! Although it isn't our main focus, all of our coaches are trained to be able to offer dietary advice. We mainly advocate eating whole, fresh, good quality foods, and eliminating anything processed, or reduced fat.


Can I bring my kids along while I train?

We are very family orientated at Ore CrossFit, and we welcome well behaved children into our gym. It is essential that children who spectate are kept out of the training areas while they are in use. Unless a child is joining in with a CrossFit kids class, they remain the parent’s responsibility at all times.


I keep hearing the word "WoD" what does it mean?

WoD simply means "Workout of the Day". When you come into the gym for your session the WoD will always be up on the whiteboard ready for the class. Every day the WoD will be different, and part of the fun is never quite knowing what to expect!


Will I get big doing CrossFit?

If you train hard and regularly, eat right and get lots of sleep, you will definitely gain lean mass and lose fat. Our members who train between 4/5 times a week have impressive form and athletic ability.


What do all the acronyms on the whiteboard mean?

Common CrossFit acronyms and abbreviations:

  • AMRAP: as many reps (sometimes rounds) as possible.
  • BP: bench press.
  • BSQ: back squat.
  • BWT: bodyweight.
  • C2B: chest to bar.
  • CLN: clean.
  • C&J: clean and jerk.
  • DL: deadlift.
  • DU: double unders.
  • EMOM: every minute on the minute.
  • E2MOM: every two minutes on the minute.
  • FSQ: front squat.
  • GHD: the device that allows for the proper performance of a glute-ham raise, or a GHD sit-up.
  • GHR: glute-ham raise.
  • GHR or GHD sit-up: A sit-up done on the GHR or GHD machine.
  • GTOH: ground to overhead.
  • HR: hand release.
  • HSPU: handstand push-up.
  • HSQ: hang squat (clean or snatch).
  • KB: kettlebell.
  • KBS: kettle bell swings.
  • KTE: knees-to-elbows.
  • ME: maximum effort.
  • Met-con: metabolic-conditioning workout.
  • MU: muscle-up.
  • OHS: overhead squat.
  • PR: personal record.
  • PP: push press.
  • PSN: power snatch.
  • PU: pull-ups, possibly push-ups depending on the context.
  • Rep: repetition.
  • RFT: rounds for time.
  • Rx'd, as Rx'd: as prescribed or as written. A WOD done without any adjustments.
  • RM: repetition maximum. Your 1RM is your max lift for 1 rep. Your 10 RM is the most you can lift 10 times.
  • RNDS: rounds.
  • SDHP: sumo deadlift high pull.
  • SN: snatch.
  • STOH: shoulders to overhead.
  • SQ: squat.
  • SU: single unders.
  • T&G: touch and go.
  • TGU: Turkish get-up.
  • TTB/T2B: toes-to-bar.
  • WB: wall balls.
  • WOD: workout of the day.


What if I can't perform a specific movement such as running or jumping?

If there is a movement on the whiteboard that you can't perform, coach will provide you with a scale or subsitution.



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