Foundations Class


Getting Started


Your first step of joining Ore is to complete our foundation classes. These currently run at 6.30 on a Monday and Thursday evening. During these sessions, as well as learning the 9 core movements of CrossFit, one of our experienced coaches will assess your mobility, fitness level and training needs. This is to ensure that once you join the regular classes you are able to perform safely, and to a program which will match your individual needs and ability.


There isn’t fixed amount of foundation sessions that you will need to attend, it’s dependent on your previous experience and progression rate. However, most people will attend between 2 and 6 sessions. You will only pay the foundation price once, regardless of how many sessions you need. The current price for our Foundations Course is £20.


We hope that following your foundation you will be excited to join the Ore community. Current membership prices can be found on our Prices page.


You can enroll by creating a team up account then booking in to the class via the "Schedule" tab.


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