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Coach Gill is a CrossFit level 1 coach and teaches Yoga and Pilates - I found FFS in 2011, and quickly fell in love with the constant variety of workouts, the fact there was so much to learn, and the friendly, welcoming, supportive spirit of the gym – something I hadn’t come across in ‘normal’ gyms. As I got fitter than I ever have been in my life, my confidence grew and in 2014, the year that FFS became Ore Crossfit, I gained my Level 1 coaching certificate, and from there went on to get teaching certificates in my other loves – yoga and Pilates. I am the self-titled ‘Slow Old Bird’ of the box, but every member has something to bring, and makes our little family all the richer for it. Gx

Rob L


Hi my name’s Rob, I have been a FFS and now Ore CrossFit member for 4 years now, so can say I'm among the privileged few that have seen our community grow and flourish to what it is now. I love to play and get involved in a wide range of sports and activities from football to golf, walking to marathon running, competing and coming fourth in the British indoor rowing championships and of course CrossFit competition. Training at Ore CrossFit suits all my needs for these sports keeping me at the top of my game at all times. Of course if I ever don't feel like training I can just pop in for a coffee and chat, because every member at Ore CrossFit is a friend.



Neil - In my late 50’s, I’m one of the oldest members at the box. I’m also not one of these eternally fit types. I did no exercise at all from 19, until 30 years later when I was, “advised”, by my doctor to lose weight and get fitter. I tried a number of things including martial arts, joining a gym and other bits and bobs. I still do the martial arts, but it was only when I started Crossfit that my fitness really improved. I do the WOD’s, lifting and yoga classes. I once heard someone say about Crossfit, “It was hard, but I could do it”. That’s certainly true. When you start, you inevitably find things difficult. But the coaches are there to help and to scale the workouts. You don’t have to think hard about what to do next, the coach does that for you. They provide excellent instruction, helping you get to grips with the equipment, movements and making sure at all times you remain safe. If you are more advanced, you can take advantage of the open sessions to work on your own skills, if that’s your goal. There is a huge amount of space inside and particularly outside. There is plenty of kit available and it is growing all the time. Many people say it is a community, a family and I also think it’s a bit like a “Band of Brothers (and sisters)”. You might get a personal best, but everyone shares the achievement. Ore Crossfit has a wide range of ages and abilities, but that’s what makes it great. Everyone brings something with them. For someone thinking of taking up exercise after any period, Ore Crossfit is the place to start. There is a huge amount of skill level there to get you going and help you understand what you need. You may struggle, but nobody makes anything of it. The person who gets all the cheers is the one who finishes last, not first. You may not be able to lift as much, run as fast or row as far as the younger ones, but that doesn’t matter. It’s your own personal improvement that counts. And everybody there wants that.



Coach Roz is a level 1 CrossFit Coach and our CrossFit kids coach – Roz began CrossFit 4 years ago, having previously played football. I felt that I could motivate people and get the best out of them which motivates me.



Coach Kara - I competed at Advanced level dressage before crossfit. I competed at Intermediare 1 and Prix St George level on my horse but trained many horses from youngsters to Advanced level including some of the Grand Prix work. I was senior rider for an International Grand Prix rider who trained at the world famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna. I competed successfully in Dressage, qualifying for Regionals and Nationals every year. I have also won at the British Dressage National Championships on a horse I trained myself. I've been doing CF on and off since 2011. I decided to take the level 1 to improve my knowledge and add to my fitness qualifications which include level 2 Gym Instructor, level 3 Personal trainer, ETM instructor, Studio Cycling Instructor and Pilates teacher. I enjoy coaching because I like to help people and teaching is a massive part of my life as I spent years coaching and teaching Dressage, then years as a Fitness instructor and then completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Education in Science to be a full time Science Teacher and coach Crossfit in my spare time and help people move, feel and interact with others better.



Stuart Macdonald. Age 41. I've never done any real fitness training in my life, traditional gyms bored me as you work out alone and I got bored. A good friend posted on Facebook about ORE Crossfit, so I made the journey over and spoke to Phil one of the coaches. A week later I was in for the foundation class. The varied workouts, fantastic coaching and family mentality keeps me traveling over each week.



Coach Phil is Ore CrossFit’s affiliate owner and our foundation Coach. Phil first began CrossFit 5 years ago with a few friends, training in a farm shed. Until this point Phil’s sporting background had been Judo, football and show jumping. Phil became a CrossFit coach as Ore began to grow. Phil once went 42 hours without sleep.



Mike - My Crossfit journey began almost three years ago, I was looking to get fit after having an ACL injury, it had been around five to six years since I had been a member of a gym, but like most people I paid my monthly subscription without ever going. My first day at Ore was quite daunting, I didn't know what to expect, past experiences with gyms had, I suppose conditioned my thinking I would be working out on my own,in silence with earphones in- how wrong I was, I was welcomed, the coaches explained the Crossfit ethos, the functionality, their benefits and movements. I can't lie and say it was easy, it wasn't,but the workouts are challenging, if like me you thrive on challenges, you too will be hooked!. What have I gained? In a fitness sense I believe at 44, I am stronger,healthier and much fitter than I have been in years. I have gained great friends, the community is brilliant. I have also witnessed the progression of others which for me is as important as my own progression. Why would you have a go? The coaches genuinely care, challenge you, but with your own ability in mind and safety paramount. You will be welcomed by every member, there are no egos. I love it, the people, the atmosphere it really is working out with friends, oh and there's coffee too... My wife and daughter are now also members, my only wish is that I had found Ore many years ago.



Coach Jonathan (JP) – My sports background is rugby at various levels through age grade. I began CrossFit 3 years ago. I decided to become a coach to pass on the knowledge that I have gained.



Coach Angi – My journey into coaching and fitness first began at age 13 when I started martial arts. I became a qualified coach within martial arts at age 17. I first discovered CrossFit 5 years ago. I walked into the gym for my on-ramp course feeling quite confident. I knew I had a good level of fitness, having been in the industry for many years, including coaching and regularly participating in MMA strength and conditioning classes and drilling. However, I found myself completely unprepared for the CrossFit classes. They pushed me in ways I had never even realised existed, and I quickly fell in love with the community and my own level of growing achievements. 3 Years ago I joined Ore CrossFit and took my level 1 CrossFit qualification. I currently coach Wednesday evenings, sometimes on a Saturday morning and I help out Coach Roz with the kid’s classes. CrossFit remains one of my biggest passions, and I feel truly grateful for the wonderful Ore community and terrific friends.



Lucy - CrossFit has been a big part of my life since joining Ore CrossFit 3 years ago after meeting my partner Rob who introduced me to it. 5 years ago I was diagnosed with type one diabetes, and exercise plays such a big part in managing it. I have always been into exercising but I have never been so motivated by anything like I am about CrossFit. I have never been to a gym where I have become friends with its members like I have at Ore, it makes going so much more enjoyable and the workouts are constantly varied. I like not knowing what to expect when I walk in through the door and know I will always work hard. The coaches work really hard on programming workouts to suit everybody, and are always willing to help you if you need it. I have progressed so much in those 3 years and I love looking back and seeing how far I've come and know I will keep on improving.


Ross - I started CrossFit in December 2014 after watching the CrossFit Team Competition 2014 on ESPN and thinking this looks like a good challenge!! I can't deny its great fun throwing heavy weights around and the only person in the box you compete with is yourself. It's helped me to reach my fitness goals. I love keeping active and CrossFit is one of the many ways I do this. There's so many different aspects to cover and I think that's great as there always seems like something new to try or improve at. No matter where I am in the world I know I can go to a CrossFit Box and join in.

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